This describes how client and information from enquiries is kept by Antony Johnston Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I use email to communicate with clients and potential clients about matters such as appointments and payments. If you are concerned about the security of emails, then please do not mail sensitive information, or choose an alternative means of communication. Call me or WhatsApp on 07852 170 030, if you prefer.

Client contact details are kept on my personal computer and devices which are encrypted and password-protected. My client notes are kept, on paper, in a secure, locked cabinet. Your contact details are only seen by me. These details are not shared with a third party although, exceptions to confidentiality are the same as required legally and ethically by most qualified, accredited therapists, and are explained in my client agreement, given prior to therapy commencing. You can contact me to ask for this in advance if you prefer. I follow the ethical codes of COSRT, UKCP and BACP.